About the project:

Total Waste Management SRLThe project envisages the introduction of an innovative waste collection system, built as an integrated multi-waste collection point which allow for the voluntary collection from population of solid non-hazardous recyclable waste, such as: PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass, PE film, tetra pack, cardboard/paper, polystyrene, electric and electronic waste, lamps, batteries, by incentivizing them through a voucher system to bring the waste to the collection point.

The project objectives are as follows:

  •  to provide a new and improved waste management system to citizens, by redeeming value back to the consumer;
  • to enhance the efficiency of processing waste as material;
  •  to implement successful  technologies into Romanian waste management system;
  • to create new jobs

The project aims to install 25 collection points in high population density areas all over Romania, resulting in a unique innovative solution, a synergy of three collection units: Packaging waste recovery unit, WEEE collection unit, and Compacting unit.

The project, part of the “GREEN INDUSTRY INNOVATION” program, has the following objectives:


We are comitted to increasing competitiveness of green entrerprises


Greener industries
We have a thorough action plan to turn Romanian industries greener.


We strongly belive that the key is green inovation.


Green Entrepreneurship
We plan on creating and sustaining green entrepreneurchip