We protect the environment from the most harmful pollutants!

GreenLamp has been operating in Romania since May 2010 and is the only recycler of used lighting equipment that uses the latest technology to recover mercury. Mercury, a highly toxic pollutant, can seriously affect human health and the natural environment by contaminating the groundwater, so it is very important that all waste containing mercury be treated under maximum material safety conditions.

Unfortunately, just a tiny proportion of such products are recycled in our country (about 10%, while 7-8 million fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps are sold every year).

Our recycling technology uses an advanced distilling installation where mercury is extracted from the fluorescent powder coating the inside of the compact fluorescent light bulbs or which, in the case of high intensity discharge lamps, lies in the burner itself.

What do we do with waste?

Fisrt of all, we do not recycle conventional, incandescent light bulbs; these contain only glass, some aluminum (in the cap), a negligible amount of a noble metal called tungsten (the wire filament), and inert gases (inside the glass bulb); their recycling isn’t economically efficient, while their environmental impact is relatively minor.
On the other hand, the so-called eco-bulbs contain mercury, so their recycling under controlled conditions is mandatory.

These are ground up in a special „mill” that produces glass particles, fluorescent powder (containing mercury), iron and/or ferrous alloy particles, while the electrical and plastic components of caps are collected separately. Conventional fluorescent lamps also contain fluorescent powder, so their metal caps are removed and the powder is air-blown, leaving behind clean glass tubes, glass shards, metal parts and, of course, the powder itself.

As to high intensity discharge lamps, these are first broken, then the glass and the metal parts are collected, and the burner (the light emitting unit containing mercury) is separately stored.
What is the product of recycling?

The last stage of processing occurs in an automatic distiller, which processes all substances containing mercury. What you finally get is high purity mercury (99.99%), condensate and uncontaminated waste. Mercury is the most important end product of recycling; glass and metals are not as significant in terms of environmental protection.