GreenGlass is the alchemist of glass!

Our company is a national leader in glass recycling, with the most modern glass recycling factory in Eastern Europe. With a processing capacity of over 110,000 tons of glass, we can recycle all waste glass in Bucharest in just one week.

What do we do with waste?

We collect waste glass from waste management companies, construction and automotive companies, from restaurants, hotels and cafes, from municipal waste sorting stations and from authorized collector companies, to save resources and avoid dumping waste glass into landfills.

Thanks to its properties, glass is a major pollutant, since it is highly weather resistant; it lasts a long time in landfills, but is also 100% recyclable. Procesul tehnologic de reciclare are mai mulți pași: sortare pe culori (pigmenții care dau culoarea sticlei sunt imposibil de eliminat, deci sticla este reciclată în funcție de culoarea sa), apoi măcinare, separare a impurităților, aspirarea etichetelor și a foliilor de plastic și, în final, topirea și transformarea topiturii în granule. GreenGlass este singura fabrică din România şi din Europa de Est ce poate produce granule de sticlă de înaltă puritate (99,99%).

The recycling process has several steps: color sorting (pigments in colored glass cannot be removed, so the glass is recycled according to its color), then grinding, separating impurities, vacuuming labels and plastic film, and finally melting and processing the melt into pellets. GreenGlass is the only factory in Romania and Eastern Europe that can produce high purity glass pellets (99.99%).

What is the product of recycling?

High purity glass pellets, color sorted. These are the raw material for making any kind of glass product imaginable – from drinks bottles to art. Glass can be recycled for as many times as needed without losing its properties in the process, so it is a fully renewable resource – on condition, of course, that it is not disposed of straight into a landfill.