The project envisages the introduction of an innovative waste collection system, built as an integrated multi-waste collection point which allow for the voluntary collection from population of solid non-hazardous recyclable waste, such as: PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass, PE film, tetra pack, cardboard/paper, polystyrene, electric and electronic waste, lamps, batteries, by incentivizing them through a voucher system to bring the waste to the collection point.

The project objectives are as follows:

  •  to provide a new and improved waste management system to citizens, by redeeming value back to the consumer;
  • to enhance the efficiency of processing waste as material;
  •  to implement successful  technologies into Romanian waste management system;
  • to create new jobs

The project aims to install 25 collection points in high population density areas all over Romania, resulting in a unique innovative solution, a synergy of three collection units: Packaging waste recovery unit, WEEE collection unit, and Compacting unit.

Current stage of development

- output indicators
- management activities
- investment information
- collection infrastructure

The SMART collection point

We are presenting you with the SMART collecting point: sorting, compacting, rewarding.



Why use smart collection?

Our smart collection system is full of good news for your city, the governing authorities, the economy and, most importantly, for you!

User friendly

Automatic and interactive collection system so everything feels clean and hygienic.

Safe transport to recycling

We guarantee 100% that everything goes to the recycling factories, and not in the landfills.

Transparency and traceability

We count, weigh and save in the cloud all the details about the waste you bring to us. So nothing gets lost.

Rewarding people for collecting

We say thank you to citizens who recycle by rewarding them with shopping vouchers.

And the good news don’t stop here.