SIGUREC Cluj is now on the smart recycling map

SIGUREC intelligent recycling station was launched in Cluj. Starting 10th of June 2015, Cluj city is the new intelligent collection hotspot on the SIGUREC map. If you have one of the following types of waste, SIGUREC can transform them into value.

From plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass, electrical and electronic equipment waste, batteries, paper, cardboard, low and high density polyethylene recipients, polypropylene (from cosmetics tubes to large cans, yogurt and sour cream packaging) to shopping bags / cling films , SIGUREC can take them all. Furthermore, you can receive shopping vouchers for the waste you bring, that can be used in Carrefour.

If you don’t want the voucher with the value, you can always choose to donate it to our SIGUREC partner, which is HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, the largest non-profit association that provided specialized care and brings relief to those unfortunate people that battle terminal diseases. Come to the new SIGUREC station located in the parking lot of Carrefour Polus Cluj - 492 – 500, Avram Iancu street

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