IASI has now two SIGUREC stations

Together with Carrefour Group and the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi”, we have opened the second station for intelligent collection IASI, in “Tudor Vladimirescu” campus.
The beauty of the SIGUREC collecting station is that it can take more than 10 types of recyclable waste from plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass, electrical and electronic equipment waste, batteries, paper, cardboard, low and high density polyethylene recipients, polypropylene (from cosmetics tubes to large cans, yogurt and sour cream packaging) to shopping bags / cling films .

SIGUREC can take them all and can be a source of income, as for some of the waste brought, users receives shopping vouchers that can be used in Carrefour.

If citizens start to separate their recyclables from home, they will get to see just how much of what they usually throw away is recyclable.
Come to SIGUREC - the most modern infrastructure for collecting and recycling!

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