Green Group launched SIGUREC application for smartphone, available on IOS and Android

The SIGUREC APP help those who want to send waste to recycling. We also launched a new SIGUREC service, SIGUREC MOBILE – by using the app you can call a truck to pick up your waste from your home (service currently available only in Bucharest).

All the users have the opportunity to:

• record and monitor collection performance by scanning vouchers issued by any of the SIGUREC smart systems.
• see the nearest SIGUREC location
• calculate the amount of CO2 saved by sorting and recycling.
• join the biggest recycling competition, based on collection performance.

By bringing waste to SIGUREC recycling systems, and scanning the vouchers released with the SIGUREC app, users gain points that can be used for subscribing to the biggest recycling competition: “Recycle with SIGUREC”.

Starting from the very first waste you recycle with the smart SIGUREC recycling solutions, the app calculates your contribution to cutting the carbon footprint, according to the quantity and type of waste.
This will put you in the race for green prizes:
2000 ECO-SIGUREC bags,
15 PEGAS bikes,
3 mini iPads,
2 electric scooter E-TWOW,
2 smartphone iPhone 6,
The big prize, a Toyota Yaris Hybrid car

The launching conference of SIGUREC APP took place on 07th of October, in the presence of the Green Group officials and green ambassador, Andreea Marin. She explained her reasons and interest in such an amazing project of collecting and recycling, in a very friendly way.

In a video recorded in her garden, Andreea illustrates how recyclables can be collected using SIGUREC systems.

At the end of the event we staged a surprise for the first app user. Dressed as SIGUREC operator, Andreea went to the home of the user and picked up the waste by herself. Also, Andreea helped her scan the voucher and win her first Green Points.

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