End of October, Pitesti can now recycle smartly

Starting today, October 28 2014, citizens of Pitesti can recycle smartly. This is the objective of SIGUREC Prime waste collection station, launched today in the parking lot of Carrefour Pitesti. We are waiting all citizens of Pitesti to transform their waste into value. For each waste brought here for recycling, the intelligent machine offers shopping vouchers at Carrefour. Come to see the value of each recyclable material.
And if you feel in a kind mood, you can donate your voucher to charity. Our partner, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei, will be the beneficiary of your good deed and will help futher all those unfortunate people battling with terminal diseases.

Here is what you can recycle with SIGUREC Prime:

PET bottles, aluminum cans, glass, electrical equipment, batteries, lamps of other lighting equipment, paper, cardboard, polystyrene as well as other types of plastic packaging.

What about a weekend walk to SIGUREC intelligent station to bring here all your valuable recyclable materials?

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